Our Process

The Process

Renovating a new bathroom can sometimes be stressful in the process of it all. Therefore, we take you through the journey step-by-step to make sure it is straightforward, and most importantly, you remain confident with the renovation

1. Free Consultation

+ Setting a budget

One of our amazing interior designers can visit at your home to discuss about your renovation ideas, recommend some design and solutions, and provide on-the-spot estimation. This will help you to set a safe and realistic budget on your renovation, therefore you’re confident in managing your finances and not falling short of your expectation

2. Design Presentation

The next step is creating a presentation of your renovation solution to allow you get a visual perspective of how it will turn out to be. With this, you can be happy to continue the renovation or fine-tune some areas to suits your needs.

3. Building Inspection + Quotation

A building supervisor will conduct a complete building inspection of the area to give you a clear and accurate quotation and time-frame of the renovation.

4. Begin Renovation

The renovation begins with carefully preparing your home, arranging the delivery of all the components and commencing renovation at the appointed time. We’ll clearly communicate with you our schedule, therefore you’ll know who is turning up at your site and at what time

5. End Renovation

When we complete the renovation, a full inspection is conducted against your comprehensive checklist to ensure your approval of our work

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